What's new for 2018

Abstract Artfulness is launched

I am very excited to be launching 'Abstract Artfulness' - a framework I have put together drawn from my own artist experience to enable others to find mindfulness through creativity.


Latest paintings can be viewed at Bath


Exhibiting 2018

My gallery Edgar Modern holds my most recent artwork and will be representing me at the Affordable art fair. Please make appointments directly with them to view.


I will be posting details for an exhibition of the work I create in Portugal (below) shortly.


June in Portugal

In June 2018 I will be spending a month at Obras Portugal creating a new body of artwork.

I will use the time to explore a little further a new base material I am experimenting with. The location is also known for it's marble quarries and tree cork - media which could be interesting to incorporate into my work.


Since 2004 OBRAS hosted 650 artists from 48 countries for residencies of 3 to 10 weeks and organized 87 cultural events.


Art Residency Foundation Obras

Foundation OBRASĀ runs anĀ art residencies program.

We aim to provide an atmosphere for inspiration and effective working. The focus is on residencies for (emerging) professional artists. Disciplines include visual art, music, dance, and writing. Occasionally exhibitions, concerts and site-specific performances are organized.

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