New Studio Build 2023/24

It’s almost finished! At the end of the summer in 2023 my partner and I began building a purpose built art studio - insulated to be used year round and large and bright enough to be able to tackle artwork on any scale. I am looking forward to getting in and getting on. Watch this space!

Oct 2022 Four Paintings

This year I will be exhibiting four paintings into the RWA Open exhibition. The Open Exhibition at the RWA is an opportunity to see some excellent contemporary artwork from amateur and professional artists alike and will offer the chance to see the results of the multi-million pound refurbishment of the RWA building. The exhibition runs from Oct 08 2022 until Jan 08 2023



Nov 2021 RWA raise 95K in Secret Postcard Auction

I was proud to have supported the RWA in raising funds through the secret postcard auction this year, supplying two postcards for auction.

Thank you to all those who supported the event.


Dec 2021 Move to Wales

In December I relocated to my new home - a small village near the coast in Wales. Now that I have settled in my home I am excited to begin work getting my new studio (cunningly disguised as an agricultural barn) up and running so that I can get back to my creative endeavours. There is a lot to do to get it fit for purpose, but it is a fantastic space with oodles of potential.


Elected Academician at the RWA 2020

I am proud to have been elected an academician at the RWA. I look forward to meeting the other academicians and working more closely with the RWA in the future.

About the RWA in general

The RWA – Bristol's first art gallery – is proud to bring world-class visual art from around the world to the South West.

Our vision is to be the South West’s leading centre for the exhibition, exploration and practice of the visual arts, recognised as a place that enriches and nourishes the lives of people from all communities and backgrounds.

Located in a spectacular Grade II* listed building in the heart of the city, the RWA is the UK's only regional Royal Academy of Art - one of five in total, alongside those in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and London - and is the only one housed in its own, original, purpose-built gallery.

Through its extensive programme of exhibitions, events, talks and lectures, the RWA is committed to providing great art for everybody, and to promoting the understanding and enjoyment of art for the widest possible audience.



Prospective Academician at Royal West of England Academy (RWA)

27 Sept - 01 Dec 2019

This year I have been accepted as a candidate to become an academician at the Royal West of England Academy. My work will be exhibited at the RWA in Bristol along with a handful of other artists who vill be vying for a coveted place within the RWA.



2019 Painting by Numbers

For a while now I have been interested in the dichotomy between intuitive expressive painting and the very deliberate considered focussed way of working. It seems to me that they are reflective of different mind-states: one that works with 'nature' where one is less the 'composer' and more the 'conductor' of events on the canvas as they unfold, contrasted with a state that tries to make sense of 'nature' through the process of reasoning and refinement in an attempt to make sense of the abstract shapes and forms.

Inspired by the work of Bernard Barnes at the St John's Hall Gallery in Barmouth, I was reminded of the fact that numbers are regarded as the universal language of the natural world. I am therefore currently pursuing the juxtaposition of the 'human language of nature' with the unpredictable 'nature' of paint.





Shortlisted to become RWA Academician 2019

I am fortunate to have been accepted onto the shortlist to become a potential Academician at the West of England Royal Academy of Art

RWA Open Exhibition

7 October - 25 November 2018

This year I am pleased to have my painting 'Perceptions of Portugal' featured in the RWA Bristol Open Exhibition.

The RWA's renowned Annual Open Exhibition is in its 166th year with a stunning variety of work from emerging and established artists.

This dynamic and varied exhibition invites painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, installation and mixed media submissions and is a showcase of some of the most exciting artists from across the country and beyond.

Solo Exhibition

Centrespace Gallery

23-30 August 2018

Following the artist residency with Foundation Obras, I held a solo exhibition of my work at Centrespace in Bristol. I exhibited approximately twelve paintings, created either during or subsequent to the residency.

A thriving community of artists and craftspeople, Centrespace was founded in the late 1970’s and has been running as a co-operative since 1987. Centrespace continues to develop creative opportunities for the wider community in the heart of the City of Bristol.

Visitor comments:

"Makes you want to paint!" Stewart Geddes

"Beautiful colours, very refreshing and full of depth" Holly and Jon

"Unique and Inspiring" Marianne Sophie


Artist residency in Portugal

In June 2018 I spent a month at an artist residency with Foundation Obras in Estremoz, Portugal. A region known for it's cork oak industry and marble quarries, it was an opportunity to focus on creating a body of work inspired by the region and its unique environment. Due to the difficulty in exporting resin paint, the residency afforded an opportunity to re-discover the joy of painting with acrylic. Utilising an unfamiliar base material of industrial banner PVC fabric, I was able to explore and manipulate the medium in new ways.