My artwork is an improvised and intuitive response to my environment where the canvas is used as a space to abstract and merge perception and experience.

We are surrounded by contrasts between the organic and the manufactured, the rural and the urban. I am inspired by these often surprising juxtapositions. This becomes manifest in my work with an exploration of dissimilar line, colour and form on the canvas.

Creatively my work is generally a two-stage process: one that emphasises unconscious working, risk-taking that embraces the accidental. The second stage is a conscious process of resolution and refinement.

I am increasingly drawn towards encouraging the intuitive aspect of the creative process and my preferred choice of media (industrial floor resin) and its inherently unpredictable nature helps to enhance this fluid mind-state. Retaining the freshness, vitality and energy of the original working is important to me – as is maintaining the integrity of the original expression.

Having formally worked in the fashion industry in London, I have been working as an artist since graduating with a first degree in fine art from Plymouth University in 2008. I have been represented by various galleries over the years, including Edgar Modern, Cube Gallery and Alicia David. Elected an academician with the RWA in 2020, I have recently relocated to Wales I am in the process of setting up a new studio space ready to start a new body of work.

My artwork has been shown and is held in collections internationally. I undertake private commissions and artwork can be purchased directly from me.