Abstract painter and 3D artist and originator of Abstract Artfulness.com



Formally a fabric buyer for Jaeger in the fashion industry, Becky is now based on the edge of the Blackdown Hills in Somerset.  Since gaining a first class degree in fine art from Plymouth University, Becky has pursued a career as an artist.

“I love the juxtaposition of the organic with the artificial - this manifests within my work with an exploration of contrasting visual languages”


My artwork is mostly non-objective in nature, so I don't work from an external reference point, instead I work intuitively on the canvas - building a narrative of contrasting visual languages. Each mark I make elicits another, and rather like a conversation the painting follows a journey to it's ultimate conclusion.

Early on in my career I recognised the potential of accidental happenings on the canvas, to the point that a painting now feels incomplete unless an extraordinary occurrence has taken place. In many respects painting is a cathartic experience - for me, it is a place of self-discovery and a place where I can challenge my own limitations.

There is something very honest in the expression of a painting that contains genuinely intuitive working. Consequently, although I consciously balance form, texture, colour, line and tone, it is this timeless truth of true creativity and the intuitive that I strive to express in my work.


The medium of resin paint is still relatively unexplored. My use of industrial resin paint is a deliberate attempt to force an intuitive way of working.

When Jackson Pollock used thinned enamel paint for his pieces, the speed with which the paint ran onto the canvas would have been too rapid to process in a wholly conscious way, consequently he would have relied heavily on his intuition. In a similar way, I have chosen the medium of resin paint to work with, as it is often unpredictable in nature. Not long after a pour of coloured resin, I am overloaded with visual choices and so I begin to rely on intuition for the progress of the painting.

My route to intuitive and truly creative working is to use unpredictable media to force accidents - to paint as close to the edge of control as possible. In that regard, you could describe it as 'painting by the seat of my pants!'




I have always been fascinated by capturing the energy of paint, or any liquid in a static state - photographs of water mid-splash, or of exploding colour dissolving into in a clear tank of water.

Quite by accident, after tipping up a pot of semi-hard resin paint, I realised that I could capture something of the unpredictable energy and nature of paint - the resin had frozen in a semi-poured state.

To this end, my 3D work has been inspired by trying to capture the very nature of paint - in all it's beautiful unpredictability.


Commercial Gallery

Latest paintings can be viewed at www.edgarmodern.com Bath



Enquiries about 3D work at www.cube-gallery.co.uk Marylebone London

Abstract Artfulness is a new approach to creativity drawn from artists' experience, combined with modern methods and a mindful philosophy.

Drawing on my own experience as an artist, I have created 'Abstract Artfulness' as a method to help everyone explore mindfulness through creativity. Practicing the three crucial aspects of creative freedom - non-judgementnon-attachment and non-resistance, it offers the opportunity for self-expression, self-discovery and a journey towards a more mindful life.